I have spent the pastĀ 15 years changing the lives of many different people from all walks of life. Helping people make the “body change” that will change their life is more than fulfilling to me. If you are lacking motivation and tired of the same old workout routine and truly looking for a change, you have certainly come to the right coach.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced athlete or a stay at home mom or dad; even the best of the best needs a coach, the athlete is only as good as his or her “coaching sessions”. When is the last time your ‘trainer’ went to the grocery store with you, or called you between workouts to make sure you are staying on track and or just to see how you are doing. If you can’t recall any of this, you have not experienced true fitness coaching. Proper guidance is a must when training your body; it is the difference between an injury free program and one full of mishaps. Thank you for stopping by and most of all thank you for allowing me to help change your life today!!!


  • NBC NEWS Morning Andreas Fitness Show I was a fitness professional
  • WYBE- public television Shades of Opinion- guest fitness professional
  • Maryland Public Television- Fitness pro
  • Guest Fitness PRO on W.H.A.T Radio show ETCHINGS
  • W.H.A.T Radio Acers and Diamonds
  • CBS “Talk Philly”

Former Fitness Coordinator of the University of Maryland Baltimore 9 years-Advance Upper and Lower Body Strength Training, Analysis and Application for Fitness Professionals, NSCA-core training…

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