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Around the world with King™

This program is full of fun and excitement! You will engage in a variety of six to eight exercises that will incorporate core- stability, toning and stamina training. It’s a great new way to workout on a circuit without using machines and traditional weights. This program will certainly take you to the next level, while leaving you breathless….

King’s Body Change™

Will change your life! Body change is designed to dispel the myths of resistance training for women. It utilizes “body bars”, slastix-toning tubing, stability balls and lots of other great “FITNESS TOYS”. You and 5 girlfriends will leave each class with the understanding of every exercise during this outstanding “FIVE week-TEN session class”. It’s a new twist on group coaching classes and designed with “fun” in mind. Click to Learn More

Sit-UP Straight™

You’ve been looking for more flexibility and a little more core strength! Say no more, “Sit-UP straight is designed to improve your posture, allow you to be more agile and achieve everyday activities with ease. This program uses personal -individual reform bars/Bosu, and will cause you to be more aware of your current body movements. When is the last time you stood or Sat up STRAIGHT?

The DOCTOR said so™

Is a “Life Style’ restoration program; it’s designed to restore and renew your physical capabilities and get you moving. Perhaps you have not exercised in a few years or you just want to be “in charge” of the aging process. Stepping down from physical therapy but would like to continue working-out? This program is for you! The doctor tells you your blood pressure is too high and your cholesterol numbers are up; it’s time to start exercising.


Did you know every exercise ball is not for every “body? Most people purchase the wrong size stability ball for their height! My ball program is designed to make you feel at ease and sure of yourself when exercising. If you think we are just going to hop on a ball and do a few crunches think again; leave the traditional weights and dumbbells’ in the basement. Break out the “Kettle balls”, “soft touch medicine balls” and the fun begins.

Honest Abs™

I decided to create a new concept called “Honest Abs”™. That’s right, a new, and more honest approach to strengthening abdominal muscles (i.e. you’re Abs”). See website for complete details! Click to learn more

Pocket size King™

No time to meet with coach King? No problem! Carry him with you while you travel, golf and or at work. The pocket size King will provide correct technique and nutritional advice to meet your on the go fit -needs; simply down load his latest OFC workout to your iPod or standard pda and your ready for pocket size coaching.

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